Internal Audit Services

Internal Audit Services

Internal Audit Services with Compliance 360 is not just ticking boxes, it is real ‘Value Addition’ to our clients.

In today’s dynamic environment, Internal Audit plays a key part in helping your organization achieve its strategic business objectives within the risk settings you desire. We will work as a partner with you to achieve your strategic business objectives through real time monitoring with effective Internal Audit Program.

We have Internal Audit Services according to your requirements. We can work with you as either one of the following arrangements:

Internal Audit Outsourcing:

For many organizations, the best way to have a full scope internal audit function within their budget envelope that can draw on a wide range of skills required to review different areas and risks, is to utilize our full managed service. Through this we bring the full power of Compliance 360’s methodologies, technologies, analytics and specialists in a well-managed package led by a compact core team.

Partnering (Co-sourcing):

Where an organizations’ spend on internal audit is significant, the best model is often one with one or two partner organizations to provide their resources having expertise in IA and specific to your industry. Often referred to as co-sourcing, we bring a wide range of support to Chief Audit Executives, through this relationship we provide access to technology and data solutions, deep industry experience and comparators, and the full range of our capabilities, as and when our clients need. There are a wide variety of service configurations available, depending on your needs. What is common is a compact core team at the center of your relationship.

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