Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Services

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Services

Clients choose Compliance 360’s Enterprise Risk Management Service because they want to build a more sophisticated and responsive internal framework for risk identification and risk management. By utilizing Compliance 360’s ERM approach, custom designed for the unique organizational needs of each client, you can rest assured that your organization will be guided in the implementation of the improved structure, accountability, reporting, and communication of enterprise risks throughout your organization. Management will benefit from having a better understanding of the risks to facilitate more informed strategic and tactical management decisions.

Our Approach:

Our ERM Approach is a holistic evaluation of a company’s risk portfolio in the context of all significant internal and external environments, systems, circumstances, and stakeholders, recognizing that individual risks across the organization are interrelated and can create a combined (“cross-linked”) exposure. We work with stakeholders, at the senior and middle management level as well as the Board of Directors, to provide an organic, “grass-roots” process – identifying the “Risk Universe” from both the top-down and the bottom-up – to manage all risks, both quantitative and qualitative in nature. ERM further seeks to embed risk management as a component in all critical decisions throughout the organization thereby establishing a “Risk Culture” that converts systems into enduring ERM practice.

Our Practice:

We do not implement a standardized ERM program, rather, using an established process and metrics, and evolve each ERM program to fit the needs of individual clients and can then integrate such programs and systems with a variety of software platforms.

Our Philosophy:

Our ERM Philosophy focuses on risk identification, quantification, communication, and tracking using a customized and expandable system that is both well suited for an organization’s industry, management structure, and – most importantly – corporate culture. We believe that without establishing a proper, organization-wide “Risk Culture” – lead by senior management – an ERM program cannot be successful.

Our Services:

Our Services for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) include the following:

  • Development and Implementation of ERM Framework;
  • Development of Risk Registers and Executive Interviews;
  • Establish, develop, and train the Client’s ERM team;
  • Implementation of ERM Protocols and Culture;
  • Establish ERM Survey and Risk Ranking Matrix;
  • Ongoing KPI and KRI Refinement;
  • External review of ERM performance
Enterprise Risk Management