District Cooling Industry Compliance

District Cooling Industry Compliance

In cities around the world, district cooling is integral energy infrastructure to reduce strain on the electric grid caused by increasing demands for air conditioning, which typically create 50% -70% of peak electricity demand. By aggregating the cooling need of a network of buildings, district cooling creates an economy of scale that drives efficiency, balances electric loads, and reduces fuel costs.

Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries were early adopters of district cooling, and can act as exemplars for other countries. Strategy & analysis shows that district cooling can serve 40 percent of new-construction communities, and up to 10 percent of buildings can be retrofitted in the GCC countries, with similar potential impact elsewhere. We determined that using district cooling for future additional cooling demand in developing countries could lead to over US$1 trillion in energy savings worldwide through 2035.

Compliance Function

District Cooling Industry in UAE has been regulated and it is going to be more structured in future years. The ‘Department of Energy’ and ‘RSB for Electricity and Water’ are the regulatory bodies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai respectively, who are regulating the recent laws and regulations which have been issued for DC providers to comply with.

We are helping District Cooling Industry players to assess their compliance function and implementations. Our methodology to serve our clients is categorized in three (3) Phases:

Phase – 1: Assessment of As-Is compliance function

At assessment stage we carry out detailed analysis of the current compliance function of the company.

Phase – 2: Gap Analysis

Based on the result of Phase 1, gaps are identified and reported to management which enable them to assess their strength in terms of compliance function.

Phase – 3: Implementation of Identified Gaps

At this stage, we help our clients to effectively fill the gaps through implementation of identified gaps.

Financial Due Diligence

We assist District Cooling (DC) providers in performing Financial Due Diligence which assesses the viability of the project whether it is new DC Plant, DC Network or Energy Transformation Systems (ETSs). We provide complex financial modeling to clients to asses Project IRR, Equity IRR, NPVs, EBIDTA, Cash Flow Statements, load management ratio, and payback period.