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Umer Farooq
Umer Farooq –


Umer is the dynamic finance and compliance professional having diverse experience in different sectors of UAE and Pakistan. He started his career with Ernst & Young Karachi Office and served in their Assurance Department where he helped many clients to fulfill their accounting and compliance responsibilities.

In E&Y he worked for various clients such as logistic company, air craft company, public listed company, manufacture and shipping industry. During his association with the firm he had been involved in Audit of Financial Statements and compliance of IFRS of logistic and air craft company. Where as for public listed company he was assigned to check whether company is implementing the compliance policies and procedures of stock exchange.

He was responsible for planning of the audit engagement and assessment of business, audit and compliance risks of client. He assisted clients at the planning, execution and the conclusion stages of the audit and assist client in the preparation of the financial statement in accordance with the requirement of IFRS/IAS and other statute. He used to prepare internal control memorandums to identify significant weakness in the client’s internal control system and recommending improvement therein.

Umer is working as finance and compliance officer services in Compliance 360 consultant. As the financial and compliance officer, he had a key role in ensuring that the Anti Money laundering and countering the financial of terrorism (AML/CFT) are up to date and are in place. This evolved around by reviewing and making policies, screening clients and employees and reporting suspicious transaction. Hence he is involved in Audit, planning and making financial statement in accordance with IFRS/ IAS of the client and assist client in critical situations. Also assist client in the reporting of financial and accounting information. With his extensive knowledge and experience in the field of Finance and compliance, he ensured that all relevant regulations are maintained with the highest standards.

Umer’s key strengths and skills include professional skepticism and objectivity while performing the audits and AML/CFT, team to get the best results, provide high quality working papers and recommendations and maintain excellent relationships with the client/business process owner.

Umer Farooq is ACCA Part Qualified and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce.