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Saqlain Rafiq
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Saqlain is working as Compliance & Risk Officer services in Compliance 360 Consultants. He has prior experience in Financial Institution in the field of Governance, Risk and Compliance. He had brought Financial Services experience from Commercial Bank in Pakistan and Intermarket Securities Limited where he was responsible for Compliance Function. He was responsible to perform Risk Assessments to identify the areas of focus and then applying the methodology accordingly to mitigate those risks.

As the Compliance and Risk Officer, he held a key role in ensuring that the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) policies were comprehensive and up-to-date. This involved making and reviewing policies, screening clients and employees, reporting suspicious transactions, and providing training to new employees. In addition to these responsibilities, he also developed a methodology for assessing the risk of clients and monitored their transactions to ensure compliance with AML/CFT regulations. With his extensive knowledge and experience in the field of compliance, he ensured that all relevant regulations are maintained with the highest ethical standards.

Saqlain has been involved in providing quality service to clients in various industries including Banking & Investment and Exchange Houses. He is also assisting clients who are designated as DNFBP’s such as Real Estate and Gold and Precious metal traders, he is constantly monitoring their activities and suggesting on potential risky clients and actions required for those clients.

Saqlain’s key strengths and skills include professional skepticism and objectivity while performing the audits, provide high quality coaching to juniors/team to get the best results, provide high quality working papers and recommendations and maintain excellent relationships with the client/business process owner.

Saqlain is ACCA Part Qualified and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce.